Monday, May 16, 2011

Wizard Spit's Newest Creation

Wizard Spit Proudly Presents:

Shama Nest, A new sound Creation. Slowing down your record players from 45 RPM's to 33 1/3. This soundscape project focus' on the amalgamation of droney synth pop and atmospheric noise music, all while keeping its chopped and screwed aesthetic ever present. While still in the beginning stages, Shama Nest is crystalizing its live performance as we speak and churning out more wizard core sound installations. So expect more music and some live performances in the future. Please give their new music a listen at the link below, where their 3 song debut ep is available for free download.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Snuffaluffagus and Witt European Tour

12/23 San Diego CA (The Che Cafe)
12/27 Berlin Germany TBA
12/28 Dresden Germany (AZ Conni)
12/29 Erfurt Germany (Woodstock Records)
12/30 Rostock Germany (JAZ)
12/31 Hamburg Germany (MS Stubnitz)
1/1 Wegorzyno Poland (Bar U Brody)
1/2 Gdansk Poland (Mechanik)
1/4 Halle Germany (Hühnermanhattan)
1/5 Kassel Germany (Arm Aber OK)
1/6 Lille France (Les Jeudis Rouges)
1/7 Orleans France (5ème Avenue)
1/8 Blois France (Chez Mathias)
1/10 Italy TBA
1/12 Paris France TBA
1/13 Reims France (La Comédie)
1/14 Stuttgart Germany (FFUS)
1/15 Basel Switzerland (Hirscheneck)
1/16 Vienna Austria (Werk)
1/17 Prague Czech Republic TBA

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Snuffaluffagus Single "No Battleships"

Guitar/Vox-Chris Braciszewski
Guitar-Jesse Kranzler
Bass-Henry Wessman
Drums-Evan Backer
Organ-George Pritzker
Sax- Adam Schatz
Trombone- Sam Kulik
Engineers- Jon Greene /Loren Ted Humphreys
Mix- Jon Greene
Mastering-Paul Gold @ Salt Mastering

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here's a live version for now:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Snuffaluffagus' "Brazil Wood Poetry" Album Credits


Chris Braciszewski- Vocals/Guitar/Keys

Henry Wessman- Upright Bass

Sam Kulik- Trombone

Marc Deriso-Drums/xylo

Stephan Wiener-Cello

Jessie Kranzler- Arrangements/Keys

George Pritzker- Guitar

Brian Warren- Vocals

Alex Kent- Electric Bass


Adam Lathrum- Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keys/Mixing @ The Barn Studios

Jay Pellicci- Analog Drums @ Tiny Telephone

Ted Loren Humphrey- Horns/Strings @ The Stockholm Loft

Jon Greene- Rhodes Piano @ Electric Orange Studios

Paul Gold- Mastering @ Salt Mastering

Kickstarter Thank You's:

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Richard Castello

Nicole Jaks

Susan Dube

EJ Burns

Lynn Muto

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